Vision, Mission, & Values​

Our Vision

At Haagen Co., our vision is to establish a network of retail centers that exceed expectations, each carefully curating tenants that align with our overall vision and target audience. By fostering vibrant and cohesive environments, we aim to elevate the shopping experience, encouraging customers to embark on an exciting journey of exploration, as they discover a diverse range of offerings across our multiple locations.

Our Mission

At Haagen Co., our mission is to passionately design and develop retail properties that not only add significant value to local communities but also serve as thriving hubs of economic growth, social engagement, and natural beauty. By seamlessly integrating outdoor features with the built environment, we aim to enrich the overall shopping experience, creating retails centers that become desirable landmarks within their respective communities and neighborhoods.

Core Values

At Haagen Company, we embody the core value that “Our Business IS Personal.” As a privately-owned retail property development firm, our active owners take immense pride in the meticulous management and leasing of our properties, all handled in-house. This hands-on approach ensures that our tenants experience prompt and efficient resolution of property and lease matters, fostering a sense of trust and appreciation. Our ability to make swift decisions reflects our commitment to personalized service, underscoring our belief that every business interaction is a personal one, aimed at creating lasting relationships and mutual success.